We stand by the neediest communities through concrete actions such as donations of our surpluses which, as well as being of fundamental help to thousands of people, allow us to fight food waste. The solidarity competitions that we promote also allow our consumers and customers to actively support the associations and organizations to which we donate.

Our commitment

We support associations such as Banco Alimentare, Pane Quotidiano and Maremosso in the fight against waste and poverty, collaborating through donations of food, which is redistributed to people in need.

Tons of products donated in 2023

Who we donate to

MAREMOSSO, ETS Volunteer Organisation, part of the CAUTO Cooperative Network, was established in 2001 to take care of those who need it most by promoting best practices of the circular economy in everyday life, transforming a culture of wastefulness into holistic ecology and an economy based on the common good.

Our donations are constantly tracked and recorded within Regusto Società Benefit, the first Sharing For Charity portal based on blockchain technology. Through the Regusto platform, we can donate our surplus and measure its value in terms of kilograms of food offered, number of meals distributed, Co2 emissions avoided, and water and soil saved.

Today, these indicators translate into Impatto Positivo, the first National Network that talks about the IMPACT generated thanks to the companies that decide to join this project. Positive Impact works through Regusto Impact Tokens, tracked on the blockchain to certify the value created through the recovery of wasteful products.

In 2023, Rovagnati has strengthened its long-standing collaboration with Banco Alimentare, by joining the new We Save & Care community, a programme focused on the people, entities and companies united in the fight against food waste and in support for communities.

By becoming an ambassador for the project, Rovagnati has adhered to its seven-point manifesto aimed at raising and spreading awareness of the value of food and the importance of sharing:

1. value food;
2. look around you;
3. be proactive;
4. donate food;
5. fight waste;
6. create network;
7. become an ambassador.

How we donate

Our donations are constantly tracked and recorded within Regusto Charitable Societies, the first Sharing for Charity portal based on blockchain technology. Through the Regusto platform, we can donate our surplus and measure its value in terms of CO2 saved, kilograms of food offered, and number of meals administered. 

Our solidarity contests

In support of our effective actions, the aim of the Rovagnati solidarity-based prize competitions is to raise awareness also among our customers and consumers of the importance of supporting the less fortunate . Each year since 2018, we have launched a prize competition along with Banco Alimentare, with the aim of guaranteeing constant support for the community: Gusta, Dona e Vinci, In casa con Affetto, Giusto per Tutti, Affetto italiano, La bontà conta. Over the years, these schemes have allowed us to donate thousands of kilos of full meals to the Banco Alimentare foundation.

Paolo Rovagnati Foundation for Communities

We stand by those most in need. For this reason we have supported Croce Rossa Italiana, Caritas Ambrosiana and Médecins Sans Frontières in promoting welfare and humanitarian initiatives. We have given our contribution to Cooperativa La Meridiana with the "E adesso cosa faccio?" project to accompany individuals and families after the diagnosis of a complex neurological disease.

To demonstrate our commitment to scientific research, we supported Soroptimist International Club Monza with the "Non Solo Verde" initiative and LILT for the dissemination of the culture of prevention.

For us, supporting the community also means being there in times of collective difficulty. We made our contribution during the COVID-19 Emergency by committing ourselves with the donation of medical vehicles for the benefit of the Biassono Croce Bianca and the non-profit organisation Progetti del Cuore to improve the quality of life of those living in our area.

Our support for local initiatives

Since 2017, we have been supporting our communities by taking part in events and initiatives that put our local area at the centre. From our participation in the Milano Marathon organised by Fondazione Dynamo, to the Foodicola project together with Pane Quotidiano.

In the same perspective, we took part in the 2022 and 2023 editions of BiassonoGP in the days when Brianza hosts the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix, and supported the 31st edition of "La Partita del Cuore", the historic football event organised to raise funds for the charitable projects of Cooperativa Sociale La Meridiana and the Maria Letizia Verga Committee.

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