We work in complete transparency to offer our customers cured meats prepared with the utmost care. We invest in sustainability and technology to engage consumers and ensure they have certified information about what they are eating.

Our commitment: quality from farm to table

Guaranteeing high quality products has always been our top priority.
Our cured meats bring a long history of love, passion and precision to the table. With the new Traceability project, our customers can follow the entire supply chain of our charcuterie products from farm to table.

Our products’ ID card

Purchasing trays of Slices from the Borgo Rovagnati and Naturals lines provides immediate access to a variety of product information such as how the livestock were raised, where the ingredients come from, how they were sourced and processed, how the final product was made, the quality controls performed, and suggestions for optimal consumption at home.
There are also in-depth pages devoted to the innovative slicing process that preserves the sensory qualities of Borgo meats, and the Animal Welfare and Conscious Nutrition policies adhered to for the Naturals line.
In addition, after following the journey through the entire supply chain, you can get inspired in the kitchen with delicious recipes showcasing the flavor of our cured meats.

The lines involved

Products from the Borgo Rovagnati and Naturals lines are the first stars of this important production.
The Borgo line is characterized by the exceptional quality of the products and offers our customers the mouth-watering experience of a journey through the most authentic and genuine flavors of Italy. It comes from a careful selection of ingredients, 100% Italian meat processed with care and passion. Thanks to the Traceability Project, it is now possible to follow the entire production path of our excellent cured meats.

In addition, there are two products in the Borgo Rovagnati line that are certified by CSQA: Bresaola Punta d’Anca (top round) made from beef of Fassona and Bresaola Carpaccio Punta d’Anca (top round) made from Beef of Fassona. Thanks to the certification, end customers can be certain that the products are made from the beef of Piedmontese cattle that are born, raised and selected in Italy.

The quality of our Naturals products is the result of Rovagnati's continuous research aimed at offering customers innovative nitrite- and nitrate-free products with a focus on supply chain sustainability.
This line is also distinguished by a specific Animal Welfare program that ensures best practices in livestock raising.
*(DNV certification is related to pig farming only)

Curious? Scan the QR code and access all the information

By framing the QRCode on the back label of the pack with the camera of your smartphone, you can access a real identity card of the product to discover every detail that contributed to its preparation.
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