We create attachment to the jersey. 

We are committed to creating the best working, social and human conditions to foster our people's sense of belonging to the company.

The Rovagnati Values Manifesto

To deliver results, we believe it’s essential to be familiar with the DNA of the company, its history, and the values that have made it what it is today. This is why here at Rovagnati we’ve created the Values Manifesto, inspired by the principles of our founder Paolo Rovagnati that have become organisational values.

Also linked to these values is our "Competence Assessment", a tool for assessing behaviour and attitudes that really make a difference to us in the workplace.

Our aim is to create a working environment based on important value concepts that inspire us to build the company’s future, with each person contributing their own skills. This is a way to work together, with a constant eye on where we’re headed and without ever forgetting where we came from.

Discover our Values Manifesto

Skills always shared

All resources must be valued, in the awareness that they are precious: to do this in the best possible way, we believe that it is not only necessary to have vertical skills, but that it is also fundamental to put together experiences that broaden skills, set common goals and share different points of view. This is why entrusting the realization of projects by aggregating teams of different functions is becoming part of our everyday life.

From the ESG Team, a group of people with different experiences and skills united by the common mission to design an increasingly Good, Healthy and Fair future for Rovagnati from the point of view of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. All the way to the Digital Team, made up of resources who are the spokesmen of a comprehensive, complete and transversal vision on the subject of digitalisation in the company.

Within this dynamic system, there is also the job rotation offer, which gives employees the opportunity to play different roles within their career path, both "horizontally", changing work area but maintaining the same level, and "vertically", i.e., remaining in the same work area but growing in role.

Growing is in our DNA, and we want to do it in a forward-looking way and by trusting our current resources and those to come.

Quality of life in the company

Ensuring a healthy and safe working environment is one of the priorities we pursue through partnerships with innovative realities such as U-Earth, a biotech company whose mission is to decontaminate the planet's air, starting with the purification of common places such as offices.

A partnership that since 2022 has allowed us to purify 30.144.785 M³ of air thanks to the installation of 11 AIRcel air purifiers distributed between our offices in Biassono and Villasanta for a total of 2 Pure Air Zones, clean air bubbles that thanks to the patented U-Ox technology are able to attract the contaminants present and completely neutralise them.

A commitment to make our offices safe places where we can breathe clean air, allowing us to take part in an ambitious project to decontaminate the planet.

Safety First

We promote workplace safety with partnerships and qualified actions.

Rovagnati is committed to reducing the biomechanical risk involved in the manual handling of loads and repetitive movements of the upper limbs. It did so by installing electronically controlled Manipulators that allow the operator to lift, lower, and carry a weight without musculoskeletal damage.

Moreover, thanks to the support and collaboration of the Italian Institute of Technology, at Rovagnati we are testing an experimental robotics project: an Exoskeleton that reduces exposure to trauma caused by biomechanical overload. The project will provide the worker with a lightweight support structure that allows freedom of movement, while providing the necessary support to the trunk and arms during the movement of heavy loads, also improving muscle capacity. This is a new frontier of robotic technology, applied to the workplace for the safety and well-being of our people. 

Workplace Health Promotion

Every year we take part in Workplace Health Promotion, the project supported by the Ministry of Health and its regional networks, which promotes wellbeing through healthy actions and lifestyles at work. At Rovagnati we are pursuing this commitment with significant initiatives such as imposing a ban on smoking throughout the company, encouraging people to use the stairs, including healthy snacks in vending machines, and installing racks to facilitate the use of bicycles by employees. These actions allow us to be recognized by ATS Lombardy as a 'Health Promoting Workplace'.

In addition, we have implemented a time flexibility system that aims to offer office staff the possibility of managing their working hours within precise inbound and outbound time slots.

Health prevention and conventions

Rovagnati also stands by its people with health prevention initiatives: in 2022, after years in which we intensified our prevention activities with specific periodic monitoring, we entered into a partnership with the SYNLAB group, giving all our employees the opportunity to take advantage of a free check-up that includes blood tests differentiated by gender and age. Prevention for us is neither a standard nor a statement, it is a daily commitment that evolves. For this reason, we also offer Rovagnati employees the option of joining, on a voluntary basis, a flu vaccination campaign conducted by medical personnel at our plants and offices.

Over the years we have also built up a network of corporate conventions dedicated to Rovagnati employees for the purchase of products and services at favourable prices, including the organisation of internal recycling campaigns aimed at the distribution of refurbished digital devices such as smartphones, PCs and tablets that would otherwise have to be disposed of. including the organisation of internal recycling campaigns aimed at the distribution of refurbished digital devices such as smartphones, PCs and tablets that would otherwise have to be disposed of. These conventions include: membership of affiliated nurseries and the purchase of school materials, subscriptions to local gyms and cinemas, entrance to amusement parks, and discounts on car rental services and online shopping.

From 2022 we have also implemented access to a personalised Corporate Benefit portal dedicated to Rovagnati employees, allowing everyone to benefit from exclusive offers and advantages on a wide selection of brands, products and services.

The key role of training

We’ve always been convinced that with a view to on-going improvement, knowledge is the only way to guide change. This is why we’re committed to spreading knowledge, with a plan for more than 5000 hours of training courses provided in 2023, with the aim of giving those who work here at Rovagnati the most effective tools to develop their skills.

These include the onboarding of new arrivals aimed at creating the best conditions for involving them in the company, as well as training and refresher courses on company procedures regarding quality and food safety. We organise specific courses for the protection of workers in the workplace with the Workers’ Safety Representative (RLS), courses to ensure IT security in the Group and courses to improve English language competence and soft skills.

CIRFOOD for company catering

The focus on raw materials and the local area is also reflected in the company canteen service at our Biassono site, where CIRFOOD, an Italian company that has been operating in the collective catering sector for over 40 years, has been operating since 2022. Why CIRFOOD? Because it pays attention to values that are fundamental to us, such as quality and sensitivity to the well-being of planet and people:

- selection of raw materials mostly from sustainable agriculture
- attention to the diets of allergy and intolerance sufferers;
- propensity for biodiversity, with the use of seasonal products;
- attention to territoriality, with a 14.8% share of organic, PDO, PGI and TSG products (CIRFOOD volume data on total food purchases).

With CIRFOOD, at Rovagnati, digitalisation also arrives in the canteen: with the Appetie application it is possible to consult the daily menu, pre-order one's own meal, know the calorie content of the preparations, the ingredients used and the possible presence of allergens.

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