We aren’t tired of designing the future

We work alongside Institutes and Universities to help the training of new talents and we strongly believe in the professional inclusion of young people who, with an eye to our past, support the future together with us.

Value collaborations

We believe in qualified partnerships, those recognized for excellence and the ability to meet training needs on the one hand, and professional needs on the other: these are the collaborations we have established with the Polytechnic of Milan, the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, and the IULM University. Thanks to these valuable synergies we select young people who want to grow with us by offering them projects, including the possibility of visiting the company, and proposing terms of engagement aligned to the highest standards, making available to each other, in a word, the best energies.

Collaboration is the key word for those who enter Rovagnati for the first time: with us, those who arrive are not just a number, they are part of a Group that they must first of all have the opportunity to know. From the very first day of work, we develop real training programs in order to create the best conditions for learning and involvement at a crucial time in the career path of each new colleague.

The project bringing wellness into the schools

Stammi Bene is a free educational program targeting students and teachers in Italian elementary school with the aim of bringing the topic of physical, mental, nutritional and social well-being into classrooms. Rovagnati's proposal takes the form of a plan to support school education, in line with one of the Italian Ministry of Education’s main goals: to implement initiatives aimed at promoting the health and psychological and physical well-being of students and teachers.

The project, launched with the Senllo line, proposes an approach based on lived experience, which is more meaningful than a thousand rules put together. To support the initiative, 4 videos created by 4 specialists inviting classes to educational moments called "wellbeing intervals". An experiential educational pathway that in 2023 ended with the participation of over 45 thousand students, 2,048 classes, 601 teachers and 10 winning schools, and continues in 2024 with the arrival in secondary schools. 

We also support the training of young talents through scholarships and direct aid for their future. The Paolo Rovagnati Foundation has been working side by side with the Brianza-based social cooperative In-Presa for many years, contributing in a tangible and ongoing way to the professional growth of young people who decide to undertake a career in the restaurant industry. By nurturing and cultivating the talent of today's youth, we work together with them to design a tomorrow that is more Tasty, Healthy and Fair.

Our commitment to educate children

Reducing plastic consumption and raising awareness about recycling is a commitment that we are pursuing on several fronts, not only on the level of production and internal management: in 2021 with Fondo Scuola Italia we had the great opportunity to enter the classrooms of several elementary schools in Italy with an interactive lesson on the history of plastic. This is one of the ways we design a more Tasty, Healthy and Fair world.